Hand-held high pressure cleaning gun for minerals, crystals or fossils


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    The hand-held high pressure cleaning gun is the indispensable tool to clean and prepare your minerals, crystals, rocks and fossils.

    You can hold it with one hand and it projects an adjustable water jet, supplemented with detergent, at 165 bars (2400 psi), a huge pressure which gives an extremely powerful water jet. With its 165 bars of pressure at the nozzle, this tool provides the same pressure as a high-end high-pressure construction cleaner, but it is hand-held.

    The use of this tool is very simple, fill the water tank with water and a little detergent, screw it under the gun, hold it with one hand and on the other hand hold the mineral, rock or fossil you want to clean. All you have left to do is to shoot from 10 to 30 seconds at the areas you want to clean. Terrible!

    Thanks to the size of the jet, you can target difficult access areas such as a cavity between crystals of quartz or calcite for example.

    This high pressure cleaning gun is very effective against clay, soil, mud, clay, chlorite, dust deposits, coatings resulting from saw cuts or organic deposits such as mosses or lichens, etc. It allows to thoroughly clean a specimen that has gathered dust for years. It can also be used to remove some minerals that cover others, such as some quartz films on fluorite, baryte or mica deposits etc.

    To prepare fossils: the jet allows to clear Lutetian shells of the Parisian basin, or to finish the preparation of sea urchins of the Ardennes or ammonites. The power of the jet allows to get rid of chalk and some limestone rocks. It is ideal to remove traces of micro impactor and to restore the  natural appearance of a piece. There are endless possibilities, test them on every type of fossil and gangue minerals!

    You can use it at home over a sink, bathtub, balcony, and of course in a garage or outdoors.

    This material is originally intended for industrial uses, it has been developed and manufactured by the company Les Minéraux for minerals, rocks or fossils collectors. It is not a paint gun that has been tinkered with but a high-pressure cleaning gun suitable for mineralogy or paleontology.

    This tool is in 220 volts, it is supplied with a user manual in English, containing instructions for use and maintenance, a technical diagram of the tool and its parts, a disassembly and reassembly instructions, and a batch of spare parts.

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