Minerals by collections and collectors

Our minerals classified by categories according to the former collection and/or collector to which they belonged.

Find here some specimens:

naturalist dealers Boubée, Demarty, Deyrolle, Foote, Fouilhoux, Krantz, Stuer, etc.
the Museum of Mineralogy of the Academy of Sciences in Philadelphia (USA), the Royal Academy of Mineralogy in Freiberg (“K. S. Mineralien – Niederlage zu Freiberg”) in Germany, the Faculté Catholique de Lyon, the private mineral museum Bally in Switzerland, etc.
famous or former collectors, such as Michel Adanson and the Doumet, Eric Asselborn, Jean Béhier, Guy Chaminant, Alexis Damour, Gilles Emringer, Denis Galmier, Jacques Geffroy, Ferdinand Gonnard, Aristide Gouverneur, Paul-François Lacoste de Plaisance, Michel Maigrot, Jacques Montandon, Louis Vésigné, Valentin Sicher, etc.